School management software

School management software

Program for the management of students and teachers and management of the school financially and administratively and the school can adjust its accounts and know the income and expense monthly and annually

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General characteristics of the system :

This program has the following characteristics :

  1. Manage student data in full with the possibility of searching for any student .
  2. Adding financial fees to each student and knowing the payee and the remaining .
  3. Manage existing classroom data and the teacher responsible for it .
  4. Managing teachers' data and salaries .
  5. Manage daily, monthly and annual expenses .
  6. Manage payments and learn income in detail .
  7. Financial management of the school and knowledge of monthly and annual expenses and payments .
  8. A plaque for teachers and parents .
  9.  Attendance, absence and related reports .
  10. Financial and administrative reports .

And other features discovered by yourself .

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