Restaurant management software

Restaurant management software

A program that specializes in managing restaurants and cafes where the customer can manage the restaurant, store, expenses, products and purchases fully

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General characteristics of the restaurant system :

- The program includes: control panel for the additive, cashier, water and kitchen .

- Add groups (categories or categories) with the possibility to edit and delete them .

- Add products with images with prices (small, large and medium) for all products, with the possibility to modify and delete .

- The system includes the item of expenses with the value and date (the general name of the expense - its special name - value and date) with the possibility of deleting and modifying it .

- Ability to add users to the system (add user name and password) with the possibility to delete and modify it with the possibility to give each user specific powers in the system . 

- Review the reports as follows (report of expenses between two dates or by group - sales report between two dates - interest or profit account) .

- Make a report on cancellations (with reasons ) .

- There is a special store for items and products .

- Link the products sold with their contents and reduce the size of the store .

- The system contains a department for suppliers and procurement .

- Customer-specific panel (customer name, phone number, notes) ز

Cashier panel: Contains the following: (Group names to the right of the screen - items in the middle - the quotation with the quantity on the left with an item to add the quantity - with the addition of the icon to cancel, save, print and wait .

- Send the request to the kitchen .

- Add a note after the request .

- After clicking on the category you will see an interface for selecting the size and also when you press the wait icon .

- The system has an interface for the waiter (to make orders by the IPad) with the writing of the car number and the interface of the kitchen to receive orders .

- The kitchen receives, executes and sends the orders to the cashier after completion .

- The ability to generate points for customers or discounts for special customers .

- Possibility to connect more than one branch to another with one control panel and to synchronize between branches .

user: admin  pass: admin