NGOs management software

NGOs management software

Program to manage the accounts of civil associations and know the rights of each participant monthly and know the roles necessary for each participant and contains the following characteristics :

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General characteristics of the system :

Program Specifications :

- Add the subscribers and their members (civil number - telephone number - date of subscription - date of completion - the amount involved - the number of months involved) .

- View all members of the association with the possibility of searching (civil number, phone or name) .

- Know the amounts collected in the association monthly .

- Bank of the Assembly and contains the amounts currently in the Assembly and thus know the distribution to the participants according to agreed roles .

- View the pay-per-subscriber accounts according to the months in which they are registered with the issuance of bonds receivable and print them at any time .

- The possibility of distributing the amounts in the association to the participants .

- Know who did not pay through alerts made by the program .

- Detailed reports of each participant and his financial position in the association (amounts payable for delivery - amounts received - payments made up to the date of the report's extraction - and other details) .

Other features in the system can be found .

Note :

The system allows the subscriber to know their financial status in the association without referring to the director of the association, by downloading the application and entering the civil number and phone number, and showing him all the details of it .

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