Multi-branches stores management software

Multi-branches stores management software

A program produced by Mazoon for advertising and software specializes in the management of shops and branches and multiple system can manage the shops with the branches fully administratively and financially

user : admin  pass : admin

General characteristics of the multi-branch shop management program :

Here are some of the program's features : 

The store : 

  • - Ability to add categories .
  • - Ability to add items within labels .
  • - You can specify how many quantities you have in stock . 
  • - Ability to write complete specifications for the item .
  • - The possibility of creating a new barcode for the product or using a ready-made barcode that the system generates .
  • - The possibility of entering quantities for the store . 
  • - The possibility of withdrawal from the warehouse (for example, withdrawal of certain products) 
  • - The possibility of transferring products between (from store to branch) .
  • - The possibility of transferring the goods from the main factory to the branches .
  • - The possibility of determining the prices of products sold .
  • - Detailed reports in the store (current quantities - quantities in each branch - alert alerts for products - transport reports to and from - reports of the selection of certain products and the movement of the store thereof), all of which are between two dates, a report of the products entered .
  • - The possibility of adding raw products to stores and the distribution of warehouses by type .
  • - Make a page out of the store and inside it with reports specific to this section .
  • - Converting the products from the warehouse to the factory and the factory by producing the quantity available to him and send them to the branches after that . 
  • - Know the purchases and that through the inside to the store . 
  • - Possibility to create several stores .
  • Users :
  • - Add users in the system and give the name with the secret code with the selection of the branch able to use the system (with the possibility of deletion and modification) .
  • - Add the powers of each employee and determine his powers .
  • Sale page :

- Choose product as product or barcode .

- Specify the required quantity .

- Total reduction field . 

- Possibility to enter the customer's name or phone number .

- Print invoice automatically .

- The possibility of retrieving any goods, provided that the invoice number is written .

- provided that the invoice number is written .

- Print invoice . 

- Possibility to change user's password . 

- Separate store for each branch .

- Ability to print invoice at any time (invoice number must be written) .

- Add the phone number on the sales page .

- Access to other branches (display all products by branch selection) .

- Products can be returned to the factory . 

- Ability to review products available in other branches . 

- The possibility of making price offers . 


- Add clients and their home. (With the possibility of deletion and modification) .

- Link customer page to sales page and others . 

- Points system for customers and the possibility of replacing them with certain points . 

- Report to registered customers and their purchases . 

Manager panel (admin) :

- Control the store according to the specifications mentioned above .

- Control users according to the specifications mentioned above. 

- Add expenses and add the disbursement name to the date of disbursement and amount. 

- Reports include .

- Sales reports for each branch between two dates .

- Sales reports for the two branches are generally between two dates .

- Reports of the best-selling product between two dates . 

- Sales reports for the total amount and the number of invoices for each branch between two dates .

- Returns reports, from any branch with total amount between two dates . 

- Reports of customer names with their phone numbers .

- Store report (as previously mentioned) .

- Report all detailed sales. 

- Export reports are in Excel.

- Report on the returns (branch - number - producer - employee).

- Sales report by employee . 

- Sales report by branch . 

Purchases :

- Add purchases to the company and transfer them to the warehouse .

- Review purchases and know prices between the two dates . 

- Transfer purchases to the warehouse directly . 

And other characteristics related to the connection between the warehouse and the branches and the factory .


user : admin  pass : admin