Managing multiple branches

Manage multiple branches from one location and from one interface to provide voltage and time

Linking branches

Synchronize the databases to ensure the continuity of the program between the proxy and hosting

Continuous updating of our programs

Our programs are scalable and always strive for the best in serving our customers

Speed in completing tasks

We have a team ready and specialized in the completion and speed of implementation of tasks to the fullest

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Mazoon Software : The software department is the most important in our company, it has special services for administrative and accounting systems as well as apps. 

We’re distinguished by our following programs :

  • Manage multiple branches from one place and one interface.
  • make the sync of databases guarantee continue operating the program between local and hosting.
  • Connecting systems with the system of communication with customers (send emails - send SMS). Linking systems to social networking sites directly and the potentiality of posting directly through the system.