Management software of offices fetching labors

Management software of offices fetching labors

Is a specialized program in the management of labor supply offices, providing a complete and integrated environment for the recruitment of domestic workers The program deals with adding requests and modifying data if required, as well as enables the program to add new users or customers

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General characteristics of the system :

Program Specifications :

Workers :

- The possibility of adding a worker with all its details .

- A special number for each employee in the system . 

- The possibility of applying for a job and then linking the employee to the customer's account .

- The possibility of replacement of the worker (in the case of the customer's request to replace it with another with the calculation of costs and the difference amount .

- The possibility of delivery of the worker to the customer for the purpose of the experiment, specifying the time of receipt and retrieval, and calculating the cost of the day, week, month . 

- View all the functions in the system database . 

Order Management :

A. Adding a new request :

- Advanced stages of the feature of applying for a new employee for a specific customer .

- The possibility of applying for a new employee through a smooth form that allows the user of the system if the required worker is available or has already been booked for another customer . 

- The possibility of linking the employee to the client account in the program for reference at any time .

- The possibility of printing a contract between the office and the customer is pre-equipped within the system. It brings the employee and customer data directly without any interference from you. All the user of the system is pressing the print button to print the contract on A4 paper. In just a few seconds . 

- The possibility of printing the mandate of the office in order to submit it to the competent authorities .

- Ability to discount any customer smoothly through the system . 

- Payment option is either cash or check . 

- Issuance of a bill of lading once the application has been completed. All details (total amount - reduction - remaining amount) .

B. Application Management :

- The possibility of completing the procedures for the application of the worker as stated in part (a) . 

- The possibility of calculating visa costs . 

- Possibility to calculate insurance costs . 

- Possibility to calculate embassy costs . 

- Possibility to calculate DHL costs . 

- The possibility of calculating the costs of sending money . 

- The possibility of determining the arrival time with the cost of the ticket . 

- A general summary of the costs of all the points mentioned above . 

 Customers :

- The possibility of adding customers to be linked to the workers . 

- A special number for each client in the system . 

- Ability to delete and modify client data at any time .

System users :

- Ability to add a user to enter the system with specific privileges . 

- The possibility of providing the user with any of the powers (management of workers - management of applications - customer management - user management - management of accounts - reporting management) . 

- See all users with their powers . 

- Ability to delete and modify users at any time . 

Accounts :

- Follow up the remaining dues for any customer with the possibility of receiving any amount .

- The possibility of returning any amount to the customer, for example, in the case of returning the worker to the office or during the replacement in the event of a difference in the amount .

- Possibility of including office expenses .

Reports :

- A general report on all female workers with the possibility of pursuing the CV for each worker .

- Report on available and ready-made workers .

- Report on reserved workers, possibility of research (date - to - date) .

- Report on the workers who have been tested, the possibility of searching (from date - to - date) .

- Report on the workers who have been replaced with all their details, the possibility of searching (from date - to - date) .

- The possibility of searching for the workers who arrived at the office (from date to date) .

- The possibility of following up the situation of women workers by putting the number of the worker .

- The possibility of tracking certain operating expenses with interest expense .

- Refund report with all details .

- Report on customer debt .

- Report on the expenses of the Office .

user : admin  pass : admin