Management software of changing the oils of cars

Management software of changing the oils of cars

Of the excellent programs in the management of shops to change the oils of cars as well as the management of car wash, where the program is a complete management of the shop

user : admin  pass : admin

General characteristics of the system :

Oil Change Program :

Board of Directors (admin) and the following : 

- Add, edit, and delete system users with the ability to give each employee special privileges .

- Add the general services displayed on the sales panel (for example  oil change - change filter - car cleaning) and others . 

- Add products for sale (oil type and this price, ....) with the possibility of adding a picture (with the possibility of deletion and modification .

Search in pages :

- The financial section of the system and includes the addition of general sections of expenses - with the addition of disbursements and the date of disbursement .

- Can add a customer with their phone number .

- Return to a specific invoice and reprint it . 

- All registered customers have their data through the sales panel . 

- All sales with all details and invoices . 

- Point system for premium customers and their replacement with a specific service. 

- Warehouse system and sale of spare parts .

Reports include :

Report of the customers - a report of the expenses between two dates - a report of expenses (specify a certain expense) - a report of income between two dates.- Report of the best-selling service - a report of the most sold accountant - a report of income with the expense between two dates and thus know the profit and loss .

Selling plate :

These include : 

- You can add a client or write some of his data to show him the complete data from the database .

- Ability to choose the type of service and choose the type of product .

- The possibility of a certain reduction .

- Add and control agreed data (For example car type selection - model selection) and so on .

- Print invoices .

- Send Emails to all customers .

user : admin  pass : admin