Laundry stores management software

Laundry stores management software

Is a management and accounting program that serves the owners of laundry clothes as it facilitates the mechanism of dealing with customers and maintain their data in the system with ease to review the report of any client

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General characteristics of the system :

Features of the program :

Access to administrative expenses :

Through which the system administrator can record expenses such as salaries , billing, materials .

Advanced Customer Points System :

The system administrator can specify specific points for the customer at each payment, and be 5 riyals paid by the customer and will be counted 5 points for the customer to be replaced by 500 pesos (can change the numbers) .

Ability to view more services movement :

With this feature, the system administrator can review all the services that are continuously requested (example steam-blanket) .

Revenue recognition :

It is important to know the sales movement of any business so we have provided reports between two periods to facilitate the system administrator to know the revenues based on the dates that will be determined in order to get the system accurate results with the possibility to convert to PDF .

Other advantages :

- Add general sections (men's clothing - women - other) . 

- Add items by price (normal - steam) .

- Work reduction for the customer .

- Issuing a customer invoice .

- Locating clothes by shelves .

- Deal with the customer every time through his phone number .

- Ability to create users for the system by the administrator .

- Membership for each employee .

- There is a lot to discover by yourself .


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