website design

website design

What is the importance of having a website? , What are the importance of websites? , Why should your business have a website?

Many questions are asked by many people Are websites important in our lives? Yes, and here is the answer in detail. Let us know together about the benefits of websites:

A website is a group of pages linked to each other and many pages are uploaded on a specific server. These pages can be accessed through a specific link called Domain. The world can easily access these pages because the web is not local but it is a global network. Here we can say that the most important benefits of websites are :

1- A small link talking about you and your company and services .

2- The site can convey your message and seen by millions of people .

3- the ability of the site to improve your image in front of the world and people .

4- The site can explain your services and provide them to people in the best image and can provide the site to explain pictures and video or audio and video .

5- You can modify the information in the site easily and simply and it does not cost anything other than publications, the amendment to them cost a lot and many .

6- The possibility of selling and buying through the site through electronic stores marketing sites .

7- the possibility of renewal on the site and the dissemination of news about you and your services such as news sites and others .

8- The client can browse the site from more than one place of personal computer or mobile phone or tablet and other and this has become easier .

9- Through the site can start the trade and the work of any project by mentioning the company details and services, address and phone numbers, which makes it easy to get any information about you .

10- Website is an effective tool in marketing and e-advertising .

11- Through the site you can communicate with others through the service contact us .

12- The site can be linked to social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, YouTube and others .

13- Communication with international markets .

14- Offer products and services beautifully and attractively .

15- Less expensive and more flexible than publications .

16- A great and effective marketing tool that increases your sales and customers .

17- The site always makes you in a world of competition with others .

18- The site connects to the whole world and has no specific place .

Our web design services :

Thanks to God through our scientific and practical experiences and through our study of web design and using the latest software used in the design of sites we can design sites of companies, personals, tribes and institutions and these are some of the services we provide in the design of sites :

- Professional interfaces commensurate with the services of companies .

- Domain reservation and hosting for free .

- Unlimited space and secure site hosting .

- Emails linked to the domains and unlimited spaces .

- Web design responsive to all browsers and with all screens (large screens computer - tablets - laptops - mobile phones - mobile - mobile - mobile) . 

- The work of an attractive and attractive animated images .

- The possibility of adding names to the site is endless .

- The possibility of adding pages to the site is endless .

- The possibility to add, delete and modify the site through the control boards of the site .

- The possibility of making backup copies of the site .

- Possibility of a photo gallery .

- The possibility of changing the colors of the site .

- The possibility of linking the site to social networking sites Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, instegram, YouTube and others .

- Work Page Contact Us .

- The possibility of adding a special page to the news on the site .

- Website design - Real estate sites - School sites - Sites of scientific and training centers - Institutes sites - Nurseries sites - Construction sites - Tribal sites - Personal sites - Stores - Structural engineering sites - Advertising sites - Marketing sites .

Our web design software :

In web design we use several programs and several software languages :

  • html 
  • html 5
  • css
  • css 3
  • adobe dreamweaver cc 2015
  • Joomla Magazine
  • WordPress Wordpress
  • adobe flash player cc 2015
  • adobe photoshop cc
  • adobe illustrator cc 2015
  • php
  • MySQL
  • jquery