Design of electronic stores

Design of electronic stores

Trade is one of the oldest activities practiced by man and most important of all is the pillar of the world economy, and all things of life based on trade .

Based on this great importance of this vital activity, it was necessary for programmers to develop techniques for trading over the network and this is one of the first origins of the Internet and appeared simple programs to display products and marketing electronically and then developed programs in line with the technical development witnessed by the Internet has become specialized sites for trade and And other online payment systems have been developed. This is to facilitate the sale and purchase process for both buyers and webmasters. It does not stop at this point. Methods of delivery have been developed to facilitate the process more and more . 

Our services in designing electronic stores :

- Free domain registration and hosting .

- Design of an electronic store that matches the goods or trade in which the customer works. For example, natural products - clothing, footwear, leather products - electronic products - consumer products - vegetables and fruits - perfumes - glasses - computers - smart phones .

- Excellent design and professional interfaces suitable for the nature of trade .

What services does the online store offer?

- The possibility of dividing the store into an unlimited number of product display sections .

- Ability to add an unlimited number of products in each section .

- The possibility of adding general information for each product or commodity to be displayed .

- Ability to define the properties of each display .

- Ability to set the price of each display .

- The possibility of discounts on offers .

- Ability to work on the system of coupons .

- Ability to add a specified number of images per product .

- Ability to modify products at any time .

- Identify approved payment methods in the store .

- Identify approved shipping methods in the store .

- Provide a range of models to show the latest products offered and the most popular and best sellers .

- Special payment and checkout page .

- Ability to pay as a visitor or sign in to pay as a registered member .

- Send invoice automatically to customer email .

- Updating and managing order status