Business Identity Design

Business Identity Design

Complete service starts by studying the activity of your company and then develop the appropriate commercial identity with the use of colors of significance and consistent with your activity to achieve an integrated identity 

On top of it is a unique, unique and distinctive logo that expresses the company's vision and philosophy

Design your business identity in a unique, modern and expressive manner that attracts the attention of the viewer and reflects on his memory while using the appropriate colors and distinctive for each identity, what we promise is a special design and not quoted 

Silver Glory has its own philosophy in corporate and business designs, known as brand identity and also known as branding 

We offer our customers exquisite designs, brilliant and unique models through a conscious study of the brand concept 

The trademark includes :

  • Logo design
  • Business Card Design
  • Litter Design HD
  • Design of large, small and medium envelopes
  • Design of the folder
  • Design of exchange and arrest bonds
  • Billing design
  • Roller Design AB (Stand)
  • Pop-Up Design
  • Design of banners, flex, billboards, street signs and shops
  • Design of promotional gifts
  • Design of brochures and advertisements of different sizes
  • Profile design
  • Catalog design
  • Design of brochures, books and magazines
  • Design of backgrounds
  • Design notebook
  • Design calendars
  • Design of funded advertisement
  • Other designs according to order
  • website design
  • Site management and advertising
  • Brand advertising
  • Social Media Management (Social Media)
  • Brand marketing and corporate products
  • Marketing in different and diverse ways
  • Linking the site to search engines

And many more within the framework of corporate services and activities