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SOFTWARE section :

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We offer you advanced digital solutions that make your life easier, more fast and gives you confidence and progress. This section includes software of all types as follows:

Programming systems:

A- Targeted Systems:

The company programs some systems which target specific categories for facilitating projects and business administration. From here, development begins for institutions and companies, as targeted bodies would be able to manage, store their data electronically, and dispense with paper in a large scale.

B-Private Systems

Here, we communicate with the client and he tells us about his\her field. After that we analyze customer data in preparation to put them into action after reporting him about the system in detail.

• Smart Phone Applications:

Now, the world is between your hands, as you can manage your business from anywhere. Here, our motto is: “you decide and we immediately do”.

• Web Hosting

We provide hosting and installing of electronic websites at the finest and best classified companies which among the 10 best companies in the world. We provide unlimited amount of data and E-mail accounts to enable you to communicate easily at any time.

• Backup Solutions

No doubt that data protection has become very important, since it is necessary to keep basic data within the system (files and databases). In the case of any malfunction or data corruption, the company will be able to restore the data based on the last backup process.

• Technical support for Software

We check software and analyze the system comprehensively to deliver the customer a detailed report. It includes the system advantages and disadvantages; such as programming mistakes or security holes. As well as we fix the errors and problems of databases with the possibility of easing the load on the basics by the latest technology.



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