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Importance of Electronic Stores:

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Trade is considered one of the oldest activities and the most important at all practiced by man. It is the global economy pillar, and all things in life are based on commerce.

For the great importance of this vital activity, programmers have to develop techniques for trade on the Internet, from the first day. Online Simple programs appeared for displaying and marketing products electronically. Then, these programs have been developed to comply with technical evolution of the Internet. So, specialized sites for Trade, commercial promotions and auctions have been appeared. Also, systems for payment through the network have been developed to facilitate buying and selling process for both buyers and owners of the sites. This point was not the end, as ways of connection have been developed to make the process easy, more and more.

Our services in E-Stores Design : 

- Free Domain and Hosting Book

- Design E-store suits the goods or commerce in which customer operates, for example, natural products, clothing, footwear and leather products, electronic products, consumption products, fruits and vegetables, perfume, glasses, computers, smartphones, books and references, etc.

- Excellent Design and Professional Interfaces Suit the Commerce Nature.


- What are the services provided by E-store?

- Possibility to divide the store to an unlimited number of sections to display products.

- Possibility to add an unlimited number of products in each section.

- Possibility to add general information for each product or commodity displayed.

- Possibility to identify the characteristics of each exhibited articles.

- Possibility to determine the price of each exhibited articles.

- Possibility to make promotions.

- Possibility of coupon system.

- Possibility to add a fixed number of images for each product.

- Possibility of amendment to the products at any time.

- Determining Payment methods approved in the store.

 - Identify shipping methods approved in the store.

 - Providing a number of collection to show the latest, most popular and best-selling exhibited products.

- Special page for payment and exit.

- Possibility of payment as a visitor or a registered member.

- Sending the invoice to customer’s E-mail automatically.

- Updating the status and running of requests

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