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The importance of Advertising increased at the present time in a large scale with development of modern means of communication. Relying on advertising to market the goods, products, services and even ideas has become irreplaceable. From this point, Mazoon introduces advertising services in the finest forms, best choices in its traditional, modern ways, combining tradition with modernity so that the customer reaches up to achieve the popularity of large scale, the spread of his\her products and services. The details are as follows:


Visual Advertisement:video

This type depends on a visual display of video with sound, image, information, which is displayed on the satellite channels and electronic screens at different times. Mazoon Advertising provides this service on governmental, private local, and international channels (including Oman TV, Istiqama, Majan, mbc, Al-Jazeera, Teyur el jannah and so on.). The same is for electronic screens, as we provide you an advertisement on local screens such as electronic screen in the Crimea, Electronic screen in Sohar Market; as well as the international screens. This kind of advertising is considered a mass communication Media which is characterized by ensuring of spread and access to large numbers of people at the same time.


Audio Advertising :


Audible ads. is not less important than visual adv

ertisement as the audible advertisement targets a large group of people where they are busy on their ways doing their businesses and, at the same time,

listening to the radio, so

advertisements come to them repeatedly. This has its impact on them. That type includes advertising via local and international radio channels, like (the Radio of Sultanate of Oman, Al Wesel Radio Channel, Hala FM Channel, etc.


Readable Advertisement : news

This type impresses a large class of people where they follow it up in their free, waiting times and Perhaps whilst they browse books and magazines. This type is displayed in local and international newspaper, such as Al Watan, Oman, Al Shabeba, Azzaman, Ar-Royah, as well as magazines. This type also includes advertising through distributing leaflets in local newspapers or independently, and via banners of roads and streets (large boards), where it has a significant impact on passers-by.


4- advertisement via modern ways:

Marketing and advertising via modern electronic means are deemed of the best tools and methods to promote products, services, ideas, information and various activities as it contains many different tools and methods that will help you reach a larger number of targeted customers easily. This type includes several ways, as follows:


• Advertising via Text Messages (SMS)

Short text messages are considered among modern methods with reasonable marketing price. They have proven their effectiveness as a successful advertising method as its response rates are much higher than many traditional forms of advertising. You can use this marketing service targeting thousands of people wherever they are, in business, homes or cars via their mobile phones. You can target your audience according to the province, state, sex, nationality, residence or employment. In the time you want to submit your offers marketing to your clients in a few seconds, you can bring them to you just through a message for promotional products, services or ideas without wasting your money or time. Mazoon advertising company offers this service randomly. The details are as follows:


- Targeting SMS messages : sms

This method targets recipient people by declaring them through defining certain options in the transmission like accommodation option (specify the provinces and the states), current location option, citizenship option (Omani citizen or foreigner), sex option (male or female), and employment option.


- Random Text Messages:

This method is based on transmission at random for various companies of communications in the Sultanate (Omantel, Ooreedo, Friendi, Ranna) through a large data owned by Mazoon advertising company exceeding two million (2 million numbers) in the various governorates of the Sultanate.      


socialmedia pm 0  


• Advertising via forums and social networking sites

Innovative and diverse ideas to market your products and services to thousands of customers in various places. Some customers are interested in mobile phones and have no interests in computers. Others care about the forums and some of them care about social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus; and so the idea of media diversity raised up. We offer you this option in an orderly manner, in the form of daily, weekly, monthly and annual bunches to absorb all the slides and groups. We ensure publication via reports with links to your emails.

Email Marketin


Advertising via E-mail messages

The E-mail messages are considered one of the most popular means of E-marketing. They enable you to get new customers, increase the number of clients and display your products for them which lead to increase sales. They are the cheap way to implement advertising campaigns, where companies, bodies, institutions, public and private institutions can send colored catalogs of all their products and services to thousands of E-mails. You can keep contact with all customers to send updates of all new products and services. They give you an increase in the number of visitors to your site and make it public through selecting this service.  

We offer you this service in an unexpectedly manner exceeding your expectations. It is sent to a large database which is updated from time to time with thousands of e-mails.

 • Advertising across famous and most visited

The aim of this type of advertising is to take advantage of some famous or many repeated visited sites. The visitors are attracted by advertising attractive banners arise their curiosity and interest and have affect those people who visit these sites. So Advertising companies and institutions can get the required benefit. Some of these sites are local, Gulf and international, for example, (Sabalat Oman, Hi Kora, other domestic and regional famous sites), where the number of visitors to some of these sites reaches more than 30 thousand visitors per day.

 • Advertising through paid ads. on Facebook, Twitter, Google AdWords and YouTube

The aim of this type is to coordinate the organized advertising campaigns on the famous global sites, where the average users find them very difficult to organize advertising campaigns across these sites. We provide you this service with the desired options to you and closely follow the results of your campaigns ad.

5. Advertising and Integrated Marketing Plans:

It is intended in this type of advertising a harmonious combination of all traditional advertising methods with the modern ones to implement them during different times depending on the package chosen. This type is one of the best and most ways, because they combine all types at attractive and available prices.

Our motto

“Let the marketing for us, you to reap the results and profits”.


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