Sales software

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Sales software

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Despite of many sales systems spread in the Omani market, weather good or not good enough to meet user’s needs, Mazoon software team, after research on this matter, established an integrated sales system serving the costumer in all areas.

Sales Program2

What Distinguishes Mazoon Software ?


Mazoon software has been fully professionally programmed at hands of experts and specialists in all kinds of software. However, customer often needs another non-existent addition in our software. So how to solve this problem?!

Do not worry, as all our software is subject to additions and changes without damaging any part of the program … so we can say (you set plans, we build).

Therefore, at your request on the sales program, it is our pleasure to bring down the curtain on “two programs for sales”. Here are the details:


Sales program details & Peripherals :

First: The Store

Due to the needs of the market, the store has been designed in accordance with some plans have already been studied. The details are as follows:

- Possibility to add categories

- Possibility of adding items inside Categories

- Specifying the number of existing quantities you have in store.

- Setting alarm time when items or even an item in the store are about to finish.

- Possibility of determining the valid date of each product.

 - Possibility of identifying the sales’ unit (whole – retail – meter - etc.).

- Possibility of discounts or promotions for each product.

- Possibility of writing a full specification of items.

 - Possibility of establishing a new bar code for the product or using a ready bar code, generated by the system .

 - Possibility of inserting amounts of storage (in case of new goods’ arrival)

- Possibility of withdrawal from the store ( for example, withdrawal of defective products).

- Possibility of establishing a new store (useful with branches)

- Possibility to transfer products among the branches of the store.


Sales Program3

Second: The Customers : 

- Possibility of adding a client to the system. So when invoices are issued, they will include customer’s data.

- Possibility of customer data management (Edit – Delete).

Third: The system users : 

- Possibility of establishing, edit and delete users easily.

- Possibility of identifying user’s reliabilities (Sales – Management System).

Fourth: Price Offers : 

- Possibility of creating price offers for any client already added.

- Possibility of identifying included products and items to display prices seamlessly via extracting them from the store to be easier for the user to hold the process without needing to write prices manually.

Sales’ page : 

- It was designed and facilitated to be the system Home Page for those under administrative powers.

- Possibility of withdrawal of products for sale through barcode reader, writing product / item’s name or writing a barcode number manually.

- Sales’ page includes ability to offer discount on products.

Fifth: Retrieval of Products / Goods : 

- You may retrieve any product or item was sold previously based on the invoice number that was issued to the customer when buying.

- The system will issue a new invoice upon completion of product restoration process.


Sales Program4

Sixth: reports : 

No doubt that all business enterprises want accurate results of the events in the system (like, status of the store, sales movement, benefits etc.) So we extract the least details of the database for you and allow you to upload and keep them in your office sets. Available reports are as follows:

- Access to the movement in sales during two dates.

- Access to state of the store and available materials.

- Access to material that are nearly depleted.

- Possibility of identification (number) for the quantity corresponding or less in the store.

- Access to profits within two previous dates.

- Report for all users.

- Report for all customers.

- Other reports, (added based on client’s desire).


Seventh: General Features : 

- Due to multi purposes of the system designed by our team, it is compatible with all smartphones and tablets.

- Advanced charging account system so that payment is subtracted from the available balance at the completion of acquisitions.

- The possibility of retracing your sales via invoice number.

- The possibility of going back to price offers via display number.

-Notices / alerts about running low quantities in the store.

-All our systems have been fully programmed with professionalism and high quality so as to ensure the continuity of systems to a long-term work.


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