Restaurants’ software

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Restaurants’ software

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Program’s Definition : 

It is an administrative and accounting program serves owners of restaurants and cafes. It facilitates dealing with customers, saving their data in the system and reviewing reports easily.

- Program’s advantages:

- Access to administrative expenses: through which the system administrator can record expenses such as salaries, rents, invoices and materials.


-  Advanced Customer Point System:

The system administrator can determine specific points to the customer at each payment process, say 5 riyals paid by the customer, they will be charged as 5 points in favor of the customer and replaced by 500 Baisa (figures can be changed).


The possibility of Reviewing the most ordered meals

Through this feature the system administrator can review all meals that are requested on an ongoing basis (e.g. Grills – Shawirma).

 - Possibility to know Revenues:

As it is important to know the sales’ movement of any commercial enterprise, we have provided reports between two periods to enable the system administrator to know his\her revenues based on the dates that will be determined by him\her so that the system could show accurate results, with the possibility of turning them into a PDF file.





Other Advantages : 

- Adding general sections (breakfast – lunch – dinner).

- Adding categories below sections.

- Making discount to the customer.

- Issuing an invoice to the customer.

- The possibility of establishment of users for the system by the manager.

- Specific Memberships to each employee.

- Ease and smooth in dealing with the program.



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