Management Recruitment Labor Offices software

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Management Recruitment Labor Offices Program

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It is a specialist program in the management of recruitment labor offices which provides a complete and integrated environment to supply domestic female workers. The program deals with applications and data modification if requested as well as being able to add new users or new customers.


The program specifications : 

Female workers

-The ability to add female worker in all her details.

 - Private Number belongs to each worker in the system.

 - The possibility of applying worker application, linking the client account with the worker.

 - The possibility of replacing the female worker. (In case of the client’s request to replace her with another) calculating the difference of costs and the amount.

 - The possibility of sending the female worker to the client for a test period with timeline for receiving and returning her back. The cost will be calculated per day, week, or month.

 - View all female workers in the system database


Demand Management : 

A – Adding New Application:

 Advanced stages to provide a new female labor demand in favor of a particular client.

The possibility of providing a new female worker request through simple model allows the system user to know if the required female labor available or has been previously booked for the benefit of another client.

The possibility of link the client account with the female worker in the program to review it at any time.

The possibility of printing a contract between (the office and the client) is already fitted inside the operating system to retrieve the worker’s data directly without any interference from you. The system user just clicks on a button to print the contract on (a sheet of A4) in just a few seconds.

The ability to print the mandate of the office in order to submit it to the competent authorities.

The ability to make a discount to any customer smoothly through the system.




Pay Option either in cash or check : 

A-The issuance of payment voucher when finishing the application containing all details of the female worker. (total amount - reduction - remaining amount).

B - Demand Management

The possibility of completing of the female worker operating procedures as stated in part (A).

The possibility of calculating the visa cost.

The possibility of calculating the insurance cost.

The possibility of the embassy costs calculating.

The possibility of calculating the costs of DHL.

The possibility of calculating the costs of sending money commission.

The possibility of identifying the arrival time with the ticket costs.

General summary of all costs mentioned in the previous points

The clients

The possibility to add customers to be linked with the workers.

 A special number to each client in the system.

 The possibility of deleting and modifying the customer data at any time.


 System users

The possibility of adding a user to get into the system with specific powers.

 The possibility of providing the user any of these powers (Workers management – Application management - Customer management – Employee management - Accounts management - Reporting management).



Seeing all users with their powers.


The possibility to edit and delete the users at any time.



Following -up the remaining dues of any client with the possibility of receiving any amount.

The possibility of returning any amount to the client. For example, in case of the worker returning to the office or during changing her if there is a difference in the amount.

-Possibility of including office expenses


 General report on all female workers with following -up the CV for each one.

  Available and ready report for female workers to be given to the client.

  Report on the booked female workers and the ability to search (date\ from …. to ….).

  Report on the female workers have been already tasted with the ability to search (date\ from …. to ….).

 Report on the female workers have been replaced in all their details, with the ability to search (date\ from …. to ….).

 -Possibility to look for female workers who arrived at the office (date\ from …. to ….).

-Possibility of pursuing the status of female workers via entering their private numbers.

 -Possibility of certain female worker follow-up expenses with interest calculating.

 Report on the amounts recovered with all their details.

 Report on the clients' debts.

 Report on the office expenses.



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