Construction Management software

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Construction Management software

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This system contains nine major sections:

1. Customers

2. Materials

3. Customer Projects

4. E-Bank

5. Receiving vouchers

6. payment vouchers

7 . Users

8. reports

9. other



Customers : 

Contractor can add a new customer for hiring (it was agreed that certain fields must be filled during data entry).

Materials :

Here the requirements of implementation, like iron, cement and others are entered without specifying quantities and price, which will be determined in another window (purchases).

Projects :

It can be said that this is the main part of the system as it contains several stages. when the customer pays any amount, it will be admitted to the bank account in the system (detailed below). Then the amount paid is subtracted from the required payment and main quantities that have been identified for the project. If there is a surplus deposit payment, it will be deported to the next installment as soon as a new phase is established. In the opposite case, it will be subtracted from the new installment and previous installment losses will be covered. There are also expenses for each advance payment, may be workers' salaries, or rental equipment, etc. The total interest expense of the project will be calculated at the end of all stages of the project and the status of the project will be changed into (completed). The total interest will be calculated in details.

Dealing money mechanism in the system will be through the bank of the system.




The Bank Account : 

There is a bank account through which deposit and disbursement of funds are done for the benefit of expenses.

Disbursement : 

The user can disburse through the bank with notes of the type of the process and a detailed payment voucher of the process will be printed based on what is selected by the user.

Receiving :

On receiving of any deposited amount in the bank, the detailed payment voucher will be issued for the benefit of the customer.


Users :

The system administrator will create users and assign certain powers to them. There are several levels of authority in the system, for example, user can add details, another can add / edit details, others can add / edit / delete details. So, powers would not be specified or limited according to pages, but according to functions or tasks.





Reports : 

All reports can be converted to a PDF file and downloaded at any time.

- Report about all added customers in the system and the details of their projects.

- The possibility of obtaining a detailed report for the benefit of a particular customer.

- Reports of all existing projects.

- Detailed individual reports for any of the required projects.

 - Detailed reports of events and stages for each project.

- Inbound and outbound reports issued in the bank account within the system.

- Reports of the used quantities and funds disbursed between two periods.


General features of the system : 

 -General expenses : 

- Each project period is calculated from the date of issuance of permission to begin construction to the period decided by the user. There will be an automatic calculation to the time remaining for accomplishment, along with advent of alerts list in the system.

- A receipt of paying and receiving can be printed through the system.

- Project data is fully stored in the system.

- An icon for adding materials, for example, iron, (calculated in tons) for stock taking added materials inside purchases.

- There are two types of contracts. The user will fill two models as he sees suitably, filling main fields. The contract will be kept inside the client's file for printing it easily again at any time.

The user can write and print prices offers, with a copy saved in the client's file.

All the vouchers and official documents can be attached within the client's file and in the project specifically for reference simply at any time.

  - The total interests of all projects can be calculated.




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